Welcome to our TRIBE! If this is your first visit, we’d like to welcome you. If you’re one of our fab customers, thank you for joining us on this journey. You’re awesome!

Kids Tribe is a family run business passionate about offering unique, high quality kids products, suited to all adorable little people out there. Kids are all about having fun, and we hope they have fun wearing and/or using any item from our site, and of course adore them as much as we do. We love sourcing beautiful products and certainly try and keep kids needs in the forefront of our mind when selecting our beautiful children’s range.

We know how it all adds up when it comes to little ones – hopefully when buying good quality products, the items will last and you will be able to pass them down from one child to the next. Shopping online, from the comfort of your home, can often make life easier when you have little children. There is nothing like a tantrum in a shopping centre to remind us of this :-). We hope that shopping online with Kids Tribe will be an enjoyable experience, and we can make a small difference to your day. Goodness knows we need more enjoyable experiences in life! We have two little rascals of our own, who love to sing, dance and from time to time, drive us crazy :-). We are surrounded by little people and we think we know what they like – hopefully this will reflect in our offering to you.

We originally traded under the name Children’s Wear Direct, which was started in 2006 and sold clothing and accessories for babies and toddlers. We rebranded to Kids Tribe in 2016 and have changed the direction and focus of our store.  We have a range of children’s fashion, sleepwear, swimwear, toys, gifts and more. Our range grows by the month – there is so much talent in the children’s fashion industry in Australia and abroad. Our stock includes a great selection of your everyday basics as well as those special items. Our range is designed for boys and girls – from newborn babies to children up to five years old.

If we don’t stock an item that you are looking for, please send us a message – we may be able to arrange this item for you. We are always interested in learning about new children’s clothing brands. Keep in touch and let us know your thoughts, we’re hear to listen :-).

Happy shopping and thank-you for joining Kids Tribe. Its LOVE.


PS: I wanted to add a family photo here but I don’t have any recent pics, where we’re all looking in the same direction. You know how it goes! Check out our Instagram and Facebook page for pics of our little girls. I’ll work on a family pic in the mean time:)