Baby, sleep & the fourth trimester

Nic B

Posted on March 22 2021

The Fourth Trimester

Birth to 4 months old

From birth to 4 months old, your baby’s sleep pattern will vary greatly. It’s perfectly normal for your new baby to have many unsettled periods during the day, because not only does a newborn need to feed regularly around the 24 hour clock, but they are also adjusting to life outside the womb. It’s really important to help and support them through this huge transition and give them lots of loving cuddles to support the development of their brain.

In guide one we cover the following areas of sleep:

  1. Safe sleeping and key messages
  2. How much sleep?
  3. Tired signs
  4. What does a baby sleep cycle look like?
  5. Why is my baby unsettled?
  6. Decoding baby cries
  7. Helping your young baby to settle
  8. Key things to remember

Read the full article written by Cindy Davenport, Clinical Director of Safe Sleep Space for ErgoPouch HERE.

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