Beadie Bug Care and Safety Instructions

Nic B

Posted on June 30 2020

We love our Beadie Bug Play range. Please find below, some ongoing care and safety instructions provided by Beadie Bug Play for their wooden Items.

  • Oil/polish your wooden items every 6-12 months.
  • Play dough stamps may wear due to the salt content found in play dough.
  • Gently wipe clean, dry and oil with linseed, tung oil, beeswax blend or mineral oil.
  • We don’t recommend using other food oils, such as coconut, vegetable or olive oil, on these wooden items as they may go rancid.
  • Don’t store wooden items in dark or damp place as they become exposed to mold.
  • Handle gently.
  • No mouthing or chewing.
  • Always supervise children.



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