Fun Home Activities - It's Theatre Baby!

Nic B

Posted on March 31 2020

Fun Social Distancing Activities for your kids:

It’s Theatre Baby:

  1. Get your children to practice and then perform their favourite story or show.

  2. If your children need props, you could work together to make or find them around the house.

  3. Get your children to design tickets, write/draw the program for the show, assign seat numbers for the audience (which could be their toys) and “build” a set/stage.

  4. If your children work well together, they could put on the entire show for you. If not then you could break it up into the tasks. E.g. one takes the tickets, another announces the show, one performs the story, one brings snacks (yum), etc.

  5. This activity could take some time to play out, so give your children the creative license and time they need for it. After all, it's Theatre baby!

Fun Home Activities Theatre Performance

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