Why Buy Organic Cotton Kids Clothing

Nicola Blore

Posted on April 04 2016

It is believed that organic cotton clothing is better for the health of consumers who wear it, the farmers who produce it and also environmental conservation. These benefits have resulted in a recent boom in the organic cotton clothing industry. Below we elaborate on the benefits of organic cotton clothing for the consumer, farmer and the environment.

Consumer Health Benefits

Organic clothing manufacturers promote organic cotton clothing to be better to wear, especially for babies and kids. Organic cotton is believed to be softer than conventional cotton clothing and better on delicate baby skin. The production of organic cotton does not involve the use of chemicals, is believed to cause fewer allergies and reduce respiratory problems. Parents are increasingly purchasing organic cotton baby clothing, nappies, bedding and blankets.

Farmer Health Benefits

Organic cotton production does not use chemical fertilizers , insecticides and pesticides which can cause various health problems for cotton farmers, especially those in developing countries. It is therefore believed to be better for the farmer’s health to produce organic cotton.

Environmental Benefits

Studies show that conventional cotton accounts for approximately 25% of the insecticides and 10% of the pesticides used worldwide, however it is grown on only 3% of the total cultivated area. Cotton crops are plagued by numerous diseases and pests, and rank fourth in the list of most heavily fertilized crops. The excessive use of chemicals fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides used in conventional cotton production is believed to have led to a great deal of environmental pollution. Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides, therefore helping to prevent water contamination, improve the quality of the land and conserve biodiversity. Old and young are now switching to organic cotton when they can – organic cotton clothing, organic cotton bags, organic cotton towels, organic cotton bedding and blankets, and organic cotton mattresses and pillows. Organic cotton may be slightly more expensive at the moment but believed to be better for our environment, better on our skin and better for the farmers who produce it. Click on the links to view our range of Organic clothing and sleepingbags now. For our full range of eco products click here.

Kids Tribe

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