AirCocoon Organic Bamboo Swaddle - Navy Chevron

AirCocoon Organic Bamboo Swaddle - Navy Chevron | Kids Tribe

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ErgoPouch's lightest baby swaddle the airCocoon is made from super soft, natural and breathable bamboo. Perfect for keeping your baby securely swaddled even on the hottest days and nights.

- Controls startle reflex helping babies sleep longer in the hot weather without over-heating.

- Made from a fine layer of bamboo fabric almost shear, transparent when stretched. - No zips, no Velcro - just an opening at the top and bottom of the swaddle.

- Highly breathable, anti-bacterial and perfect for the summer time heat and also has a 50+ UPF protection.

- Super light and super soft - perfect for babies with eczema and other skin conditions, prevents scratching.

- Eco-Friendly - grown with no chemicals, no pesticides.

- Easy to use - just place over babies head and slip down the body.

- Wrapping babies helps settle them to sleep on their backs. Scientific studies have shown that wrapping can have a calming, self-promoting effect on young babies.

The airCocoon comes in a gift pack - perfect as a newborn gift.

Available in the following sizes:

0-3 months (Up to 7 kg - 60 cm*)
2-6 months (Up to 9 kg - 70 cm*)
6-12 months (Up to 9-12 kg - 80 cm*)
*Measurements are from shoulder to feet.