Little Sprig

Little Sprig Muslin Swaddle - Apricot Stripe

Little Sprig Muslin Swaddle - Apricot Stripe

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Our Little Sprig Muslin Swaddles are made from 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton blend and are completely natural, lightweight and breathable making it perfect for the Australian climate year round.

We find Bamboo blend a perfect combination, gentle against babies sensitive skin while the cotton adds lasting durability. Use yours as a lightweight swaddle, a blanket for the crib or stroller, nursing cover, photo backdrop, burp and spill cloth, tummy time and more.

Large in size 120 cm by 120 cm/ 47" by 47"

Our Little Sprig swaddles come pre-washed and only get softer with time and use.

Lightweight wraps are recommended by Paediatricians to prevent overheating and reduce the risk of SIDs.

Please follow all national safe sleep guidelines