Qtoys - Wooden Dinosaurs Set (5 pieces)

Qtoys - Wooden Dinosaurs Set (5 pieces)


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Our Qtoys Wooden Dinosaurs Set of 5 is made of plantation timber using non-toxic materials, ethically made under a fair trade scheme by Qtoys. Allow your children to enjoy open ended play with this toy. 

Dinosaurs have been connected to childhood memories of many of us. This simple yet informative Dino play set is designed to free your child’s imagination with these legendary creatures. The back of each Dino has its own name. this will make the play not only fun but also foster learning.

Qtoys mission is to design and manufacture products that are instrumental to physical and mental development of children from birth to seven years old.

Qtoys vision is that a child’s skills of self learning are critical for the child’s future success in this information age.

Qtoys key values are to develop self-learning attitude in children, teach children reasoning and critical thinking skills and foster self-learning through fun and educational play.

We love what Qtoys stand for and we are sure your children will love these toys too.