Bencer + Hazelnut

Bencer + Hazelnut Bloomers - Maia

Bencer + Hazelnut Bloomers - Maia

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A beautiful pair of Bloomers featuring the gorgeous Bencer + Hazelnut floral known as Maia. We love this floral, all the frills, and the colour pallet is gorgeous. 

Note: Colour differences may occur due to screen lighting and between fabrics/batches - we cannot guarantee the same product will be the same colour.

We recommend a gentle hand wash to ensure longevity of your product. We are not responsible for any damage due to mishandling of the product or fabric.

Designed by Ruby in regional NSW, Australia. Made in China

Available sizes: Newborn (0000), 0-3 (000), 3-6 (00), 6-12 months (0) and 1 year. 

* Bencer + Hazelnut were previously known as Piper Bug. *