Growing Kind

Growing Kind - Crystal Discovery Kit

Growing Kind - Crystal Discovery Kit

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Crystal Discovery Kit with Gems and Poster. This is one of our most popular kits, made especially for young and curious minds. 

If you have a child that is drawn to crystals and precious gemstones, they will absolutely love exploring and identifying the different types of stones in this kit.  Touching them, matching them to their corresponding picture and name, sharing which ones they are drawn to the most, and getting creative with crystals, are just some of the ways to explore this magical crystal set.

Featuring 30+ crystal stones and an accompanying identification poster, this kit is the perfect gift and activity for promoting mindfulness and calm.

Recommended age is 5 years +

Please supervise younger children 5 and under as the stone crystals may cause a choking hazard.

The crystal stones come in a cylinder box for safe storage.  Stone varieties are different in each kit.  Not every rock featured on the poster will be included.