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Days of going to the local Milk Bar and asking the person behind the counter to make you up a bag of milled lollies for only $1 are forever ingrained in our minds. "I'll have two chocolate freckles please, three gummy bears thank you, two musk sticks too and don't forget my lolly pop!" We never chose the pre-mixed bags of lollies; we always wanted to create our own mix of sweets no matter how long it took and whether or not other people were waiting. We used to love the feeling of the white little paper bags in our hands and all the delicious treats that we knew were waiting inside for us to try. Those were the days. Childhood memories when candy & sweets were the only currency we were trading in.

Create all the pretend sweet treats you can imagine with our iconic Candy Jar set! Comes complete with all the lollies you can remember and a wooden scoop with paper bags, so you can hoard your lollipops, donuts, candy-canes and other goodies in the Candy Jar and then serve them to your friends. Let your children open their minds to a good old fashioned candy land - without the teeth cavities. Enjoy.

This set comes complete with the following:

1 x clear candy jar with wooden lid
2 x lolly pops
5 x heart sweets
2 x musk sticks, gummy bear, pretzel, candy cane
2 x chocolate freckles, 2 x donuts, chocolate bar
4 x liquorice pieces 
2 x wrapped lollies, sherbet tube, chewing gum packet, bubble gum packet
1 x wooden scoop
5 x paper lolly bags for pretend play


Ages 3+
Sturdy wooden construction
15cm (H) x 15cm (W) - candy jar
Designed to comply with Australian toy standards and made with non toxic paints
Comes packaged in a beautiful cardboard box