Your Growing Baby: Practical Ways to Support Sleep

Nic B

Posted on April 01 2021

Early Infancy (4 – 8 Months)

If you’ve just recently made it through the fourth trimester, welcome and well done. We are confident you had lots of cuddles, changed lots of nappies and consumed a lot of caffeine. You did a fantastic job. You've just reached the all-important infant milestone, now what?

Many parents often seek help or extra support at this time as they are surprised by sudden changes to their baby's sleep. It is also a time when parents are ready to create sleep changes and need to be prepared!

Jump into the infant stage, feeling empowered and ready – you've got this!

In Guide Two the following topics are covered:

  1. Safe sleeping and key messages
  2. Safe sleeping checklist
  3. How much sleep does my baby need?
  4. Tired signs
  5. Sleep cycle is lengthening
  6. 4 month sleep regression (or brain progression!)
  7. Sleep associations
  8. How do I settle my baby to sleep?
  9. Key things to remember
  10. Products you may like to try

Read the full article written by Cindy Davenport, Clinical Director of Safe Sleep Space for ErgoPouch HERE.

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